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Just edited all my Facebook photos and all my posts from 2009.

Holy crapoli. I have changed so much! I’m so thankful that I became more than I was.

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I just had this thought of me somehow getting my shit together and then being 35 in LA with a perfect life and having to look up old friends online because I have talked to them in so long and finding them married with a kid and I don’t even know them anymore and it was so sad and I’m kind of sad right now but I’m not but like friendship is so fragile and life is so delicate and moves so fast.

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a more accurate post would be: all of a sudden you’re in your early 20s and some things are good or better and some things are bad or worse and you’re listening to those songs you listened to in middle school, the ones that made you sad or stopped you being sad or made you dance with people whose names you have trouble remembering now, and anywhere you are you’re confused

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"made-up genders"

ah, yes, as opposed to natural, organic genders harvested from the Gender Tree in the far-off, mystical Gender Land

free range gender

gluten free gender

I can’t believe it’s not gender

Fresh squeezed gender juice…genderfluid if you will.

I mean, it’s not like you can just go out and bigender.

You can bigender at that one stall in the farmer’s market but the season is so short

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